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MEC Health IT Consultancy Ltd.. offers a range of quality services for the healthcare market that can be combined or selected individually to deliver national or local need

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Strategic Design is all about future proofing the business's IT services into with the desired corporate direction. Taking key factors such as governmental, financial, and clinical trends from which a clear evolving road map of how, when and where IT services have to change can be built. This includes an optimised pathway, trigger point for change, gateway achievement, risk analysis, path diversion strategies and financial modelling. MEC has a track record in delivering information and IT strategies for individual departments, organisations, health care communities, SHA areas and elements of national strategy. In MEC's experience these IT strategies must be developed from the business strategies but all too often the business opportunities that can be leveraged off information and IT do not form part of the business strategy. Executive summaries and priority reports can be provided by MEC to clearly represent the future plans of an organisation. MEC Health IT Consultancy (MEC) has the capability of supporting the full spectrum of health organisation and suppliers needs when it comes to strategic thinking, guidance and associated design services for implementing, utilising or integrating IT healthcare systems into future plans..

Programme and Project Management provide the control and backbone to the successful delivery of IT services within healthcare. While MEC utilise well established methodologies such as PRINCE2 value is added by the way MEC deliver accurate project management, identify tasks, realistic durations and resource supported by solid business cases under a disciplined framework. MEC's thorough approach to delivery of "product" through programme management is excellent, ensuring all projects and their components are managed with quality, speed and accuracy. Project management has been a key service in the catalogue of MEC services with previous experience in delivering project to programme level implementations for Resource management, Hospital Information Support Systems (HISS), Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Electronic Record Development and Implementation Programme (ERDIP), and Local Service Provider (LSP). MEC can work with the customer to assist, develop or manage programme and project related requirements and MEC adaptively adjust its approach to meet the businesses individual needs. These can range from "svelte" based planning whereby the minimum, most effective tasks are identified, enforced and delivered to meet the goals or a more comprehensive "embodied" based plan is provided to a macro management levels..

Product Management is becoming an important requirement for customers the healthcare space and rapid study of the market place is vital for organisations thinking of engaging with suppliers. This portfolio includes assessment, acquisition, implementation and development. MEC has over 20 years of experience in assessing, acquiring, negotiating and implementing clinical products ensuring they are designed, configured and integrated into the organisation delivering the utmost benefits for business and the users. MEC believe it has the capability to rapidly accelerate a customer's acquisition of product, with added value of providing security that they are getting exactly what they expect. The customer may very well be the NHS or a key supplier such as a Local Service Provider (LSP).

Solution_Architecture & Design provides customers with professional IT technical services, whether to enhance existing documentation or as part of the supporting programme/project collateral. The range of services is extensive including infrastructure, application and business level constructions and documentation. Technical briefs can range from low budget, proprietary, local solutions to enterprise and national level strategies. MEC design to the customer's requirements, lean and mean design where the primary focus is time or financially constrained, to data centre shared services, and high bandwidth transport networks to support enterprise management, virtualisation and resource optimisation. MEC believe that designs can still be innovative but not sacrifice the local imperatives or deliver an over engineered, expensive solution. MEC can comply with the customer's documentation templates and methodologies or provide their own, including Unified Modelling Language (UML) representations.

Integration/Interfacing has always been the backbone to enabling specialised clinical system to communicate with each other. As such this area is both complex and difficult. MEC does not supply product but provides services that include an understanding intelligent interfacing in health care delivery, management processes needed to supported the organisation and guidance on how to utilise existing interface technologies to optimise the intercommunication. MEC understand how to bring information together and are not constrained to a specific technological product set. MEC's depth of knowledge for underlying standards and best practice means they can assist in the most difficult of projects. MEC can help bring the delivery of integration solutions together by managing the parties to clearly establish common, optimised, design and build a holistic data communications framework. Integration takes intersystem operability to another level of complexity that are covered under MEC services. MEC's knowledge and guidance capabilities in this area mean that existing or new systems requiring both user-level contextual data management and back-end interfacing can be rapidly assessed, design options proposed and delivered with low overheads for the Customer.

Security/Information Governance has provided directive policies enabling the right person get to the right information. Healthcare is probably the most complex and difficult profession to provide blanket policy and enforcement; equally it carries the greatest penalties if information is not adequately protected. MEC Health IT is experienced in providing specifically healthcare related guidance and resource to help health organisation understand, implement and assess information governance requirements. MEC Health IT can help NHS customers achieve compliance, understand confidentiality and information security policy, Caldicott Guardian requirements, enhance NHS record management using Information technology and ensure national guidelines and standards are being properly handled. MEC Health IT can assist with security mechanisms such as Role Based Access Control, two-factor authentication, LSP security, network, and server security, authorisation, authentication and accounting (AAA), also compliance with national standards including Freedom of Information Act 2000, Data Protection Act 1998, and UK GDPR

Testing & Technical AssuranceMost health care organisations are now dealing with a wide range of providers of IT systems and services. These organisations have to assure themselves that what is being provided will work in their increasingly complex environments and long term strategic benefit. Assuring themselves that what is to be delivered will work safely and deliver business benefits is often amongst the most technically difficult things to achieve. Assessments of systems as to whether they will... work safely, quickly and efficiently without error for the end users, interface with other systems appropriately; and produce the right management information for the organisation. MEC has the kind of business focussed assurance expertise to support those organisations at the various levels in the testing "V-model" and have experience of working with a range of systems at all levels of complexity and depth of testing throughout the software testing cycle. MEC has also experience with configuring and using test toolset and products, such as HP Quality Center for managing testing and fault resolution.