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Specialist in Healthcare IT..

MEC Health is a established IT Healthcare company whose aim is to provide the highest quality. strategic solutions & services to healthcare orgainsations, healthcare suppliers and the NHS.

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Our Origin & Beliefs

The original directors have extensive history in the health service from the clinical coalface to executive management. This grounding formed the fundamental key principles that now drive MEC's ethics of delivery the prime being "the patient comes first". MEC believe the key to success is its people. Acquiring the correct resource, with the correct breadth of understanding is essential. MEC knows that the foundation of their success is reliant upon their previous NHS business engagements & customer experience. Nowadays healthcare IT product suppliers have undisputed specialist knowledge in their own product range but tend to lack the detailed NHS business experience outside that scope. Equally the NHS has an unequalled understanding of its operational processes but is more often than not unable to meet requirements to successfully assesss, integrate or deploy IT services together. MEC provides services that bring these to dipolar areas together. The NHS national programmes for IT (Information for health,NPfIT,CfH,GDE etc), whether you agree with them or not, is founded on admirable, ideological visions about how patient care can be improved, managed and shared using IT services. MEC support these visions but also understand the local needs of inidividual organisation. MEC believe they play a key role in delivering these ideals enabling greater local configuration as well as bringing a harmonised, holistic, effective national service.

MEC apps

MEC Health has developed a mobile app "LYMEX" , useful information for suffers of secondary lympodema, available for free on Apple App store, Google Play Store, NHS Apps library and ORCHA apps library. LymEx has been created by someone with lymphoedema to help others with this condition. Patient information leaflets developed by the Lymphoedema Network Northern Ireland (LNNI) have been re-created to be freely available via all tablets and phones. The App includes guidance on:

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Link to Apple App store for LymEx
Link to Google Play store for LymEx

Useful Papers & Links

Connections to MEC Health partners & their company sites. Papers and Information.

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eCeptionist - advanced enterprise scheduling & workflow - existing NHS spine compliant supplier

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eCeptionist - VaxManager -

VaxManager is a SAAS solution for busy immunization clinics. The platform addresses your existing resource constraints with powerful tools for automated screening and prioritizaton of high-risk populations to more efficiently distribute the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available. VaxManager offers patients an easy-to-use self scheduling and request portal where they can schedule and manage immunization appointments from their PC or mobile device. With VaxManager your clinic can leverage Patient engagement tools provide a mechanism for communication with those who need a 2nd dose or post immunization follow up. Alleviate staff burden and reduce call volume when you use VaxManager to streamline your patient scheduling process.

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Cyberren - Renal Care system

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Onlineocr.net free PDF/images to Word/Excel/etc