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This website is managed by MEC Health IT Consulting Limited (MEC) Most health care organisations are now dealing with a wide range of providers of IT systems and services. These organisations have to assure themselves that what is being provided will work in their increasingly complex environments and long term strategic benefit.

Assuring themselves that what is to be delivered will work safely and deliver business benefits is often amongst the most technically difficult things to achieve.

Assessments of systems as to whether they will...

work safely, quickly and efficiently without error for the end users, interface with other systems appropriately; and produce the right management information for the organisation.

MEC has the kind of business focussed assurance expertise to support those organisations at the various levels in the testing "V-model" and have experience of working with a range of systems at all levels of complexity and depth of testing throughout the software testing cycle.

MEC has also experience with configuring and using test toolset and products, such as HP Quality Center for managing testing and fault resolution.
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