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This website is managed by MEC Health IT Consulting Limited (MEC) Information Security and Governance has provided directive policies enabling the right person get to the right information. Healthcare is probably the most complex and difficult profession to provide blanket policy and enforcement; equally it carries the greatest penalties if information is not adequately protected. MEC Health IT is experienced in providing specifically healthcare related guidance and resource to help health organisation understand, implement and assess information governance requirements.

MEC Health IT can help NHS customers achieve compliance, understand confidentiality and information security policy, Caldicott Guardian requirements, enhance NHS record management using Information technology and ensure national guidelines and standards are being properly handled.

MEC Health IT can assist with security mechanisms such as Role Based Access Control, two-factor authentication, LSP security, network, and server security, authorisation, authentication and accounting (AAA), also compliance with national standards including Freedom of Information Act 2000, and Data Protection Act 1998.

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